Mixes By Year: Best of 2001 Volume 7

Best of 2001 Volume 7 (5/2/12)

1.  Beta Band- Squares

Buy Squares – Hot Shots, Vol. 2
Buy SquaresAmazon


2.  The Dismemberment Plan- Sentimental Man

Buy Sentimental Man – Change
*Track not available via Amazon


3.  Spoon- Anything You Want

Buy Anything You Want – Girls Can Tell
Buy Anything You WantAmazon


4.  Destroyer- The Sublimation Hour

Buy The Sublimation Hour – Streethawk: A Seduction
Buy The Sublimation HourAmazon


5.  Andrew Bird’s Bowl Of Fire- Two Way Action

Buy Two Way Action – The Swimming Hour
Buy Two Way Action (Album Version)Amazon


6.  The White Stripes- Offend In Every Way

Buy Offend In Every Way – White Blood Cells
Buy Offend In Every Way (Album Version)Amazon


7.  Cannibal Ox- The F-Word

*Track not available via iTunes or Amazon


8.  Jim O’Rourke- All Downhill From Here

*Track not available via iTunes or Amazon


9.  Dilated Peoples- Worst Comes to Worst

Buy Worst Comes to Worst – Expansion Team
Buy Worst Comes To Worst [Explicit]Amazon


10.  Aaliyah- We Need a Resolution

Buy We Need a Resolution – Aaliyah
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11.  Basement Jaxx- Do Your Thing

Buy Do Your Thing – Rooty
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12.  Jay-Z- Hola’ Hovito

Buy Hola’ Hovito – The Blueprint
Buy Hola’ Hovito [Explicit]Amazon


13.  Aesop Rock- Daylight

Buy Daylight – Daylight – EP
Buy Daylight [Explicit]Amazon


14.  Jurgen Paape- So Weit Wie Noch Nie

Buy So weit wie noch nie – Kompakt: Total 3
Buy So Weit Wie Noch Nie (Original Mix)Amazon


15.  Daft Punk- Face to Face

Buy Face to Face – Discovery
Buy Face To FaceAmazon


16.  Avalanches- Close to You

Buy Close to You – Since I Left You
Buy Close To YouAmazon


17.  Fugazi- Nightshop

Buy Nightshop – The Argument
Buy NightshopAmazon


18.  The Strokes- Someday

Buy Someday – Is This It

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