Mixes By Year: Best of 2004 Volume 4

Best of 2004 Volume 4 (12/4/05)

1.  Green Day- American Idiot

Buy American Idiot – American Idiot
Buy American Idiot [Explicit] Amazon

2.  TV On the Radio- Bomb Yourself

Buy Bomb Yourself – Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes
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3.  Arcade Fire- Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

Buy Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) – Funeral
Buy Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) Amazon

4.  Sonic Youth- Peace Attack

Buy Peace Attack – Sonic Nurse
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5.  Eminem- Mosh

Buy Mosh – Encore (Deluxe Version)
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6.  Kanye West- We Don’t Care

Buy We Don’t Care – The College Dropout
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7.  Dizzee Rascal- Dream

Buy Dream – Showtime
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8.  Air- Cherry Blossom Girl

Buy Cherry Blossom Girl (Radio Mix) – Cherry Blossom Girl – EP
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9.  Iron & Wine- Sunset Soon Forgotten

Buy Sunset Soon Forgotten – Our Endless Numbered Days
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10.  Modest Mouse- Ocean Breathes Salty

Buy Ocean Breathes Salty – Good News for People Who Love Bad News
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11.  Morrissey- Irish Blood, English Heart

Buy Irish Blood, English Heart – You Are the Quarry
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12.  PJ Harvey- The Life & Death of Mr. Bad Mouth

Buy The Life and Death of Mr. Badmouth – Uh Huh Her (U.S. Version)
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13.  Nellie McKay- David

Buy David – Get Away from Me
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14.  Fiery Furnaces- Spaniolated

Buy Spaniolated – Blueberry Boat
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15.  The Killers- Mr. Brightside

Buy Mr. Brightside – Hot Fuss
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16.  Interpol- C’Mere

Buy C’mere – Antics
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17.  The Libertines- The Ha Ha Wall

Buy The Ha Ha Wall – The Libertines
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18.  The Hives- A Little More for Little You

Buy A Little More for Little You – Tyrannosaurus Hives
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19.  Ghostface Killah (Feat. Jadakiss)- Run

Buy Run (feat. Jadakiss) – The Pretty Toney Album
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20.  Devendra Banhart- This Beard Is for Siobhan

Buy This Beard Is for Siobhán – Rejoicing In the Hands
Buy This Beard Is For Siobhan Amazon

21.  Loretta Lynn- Miss Being Mrs.

Buy Miss Being Mrs. – Van Lear Rose
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