Mixes By Year: Best of 2006 Volume 7

Best of 2006 Volume 7 (8/23/10)

1.  Amy Winehouse- Rehab

Buy Rehab – Back to Black

2.  Ciara- Promise

Buy Promise – The Evolution

3.  Cassie- Me & U

Buy Me & U – Cassie

4.  Camera Obscura- Let’s Get Out of This Country

Buy Let’s Get Out of This Country – Let’s Get Out of This Country

5.  The Decemberists- The Perfect Crime #2

Buy The Perfect Crime #2 – The Crane Wife

6.  The Thermals- I Might Need You to Kill

Buy I Might Need You to Kill – The Body, the Blood, the Machine

7.  Be Your Own Pet- Adventure

Buy Adventure – Be Your Own Pet

8.  F**ked Up- Crusades

Buy Crusades – Hidden World

9.  M. Ward- To Go Home

Buy To Go Home – Post-War

10.  Beirut- Postcards From Italy

Buy Postcards From Italy – Gulag Orkestar

11.  Dixie Chicks- Easy Silence

Buy Easy Silence – Taking the Long Way

12.  Neko Case- Margaret Vs. Pauline

Buy Margaret Vs. Pauline – Fox Confessor Brings the Flood

13.  Califone- Burned by Christians

Buy Burned By the Christians – Roots and Crowns

14.  Jarvis Cocker- Running the World

Buy Running the World – Children of Men (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

15.  Lil Wayne- Georgia…Bush

* Available on “Dedication 2” Mixtape

16.  Clipse- Dirty Money

Buy Dirty Money – Hell Hath No Fury

17.  The Roots (Feat. Maimouna Youssef)- Don’t Feel Right

Buy Don’t Feel Right – Game Theory (Bonus Track Version)

18.  J Dilla- Workinonit

Buy Workinonit – Donuts

19.  Phoenix- Consolation Prizes

Buy Consolation Prizes – It’s Never Been Like That

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