Mixes By Year: Best of 2010 Volume 5

Best of 2010 Volume 5 (2/10/12)

1.  Sleigh Bells- Tell ‘Em

Buy Tell ‘Em – Treats

Buy Tell ‘EmAmazon

2.  The Soft Pack- Answer to Yourself

Buy Answer to Yourself – The Soft Pack

Buy Answer To YourselfAmazon

3.  Spoon- Got Nuffin’

Buy Got Nuffin – Transference

Buy Got NuffinAmazon

4.  Superchunk- Crossed Wires

Buy Crossed Wires – Majesty Shredding

Buy Crossed WiresAmazon

5.  The Black Angels- Bad Vibrations

Buy Bad Vibrations – Phosphene Dream (Deluxe Edition)

Buy Bad VibrationsAmazon

6.  Liars- Scarecrows On a Killer Slant

Buy Scarecrows On A Killer Slant – Sisterworld

Buy Scarecrows On A Killer SlantAmazon

7.  Zola Jesus- Night

Buy Night – Stridulum – EP

Buy NightAmazon

8.  The Black Keys- Howlin’ for You

Buy Howlin’ for You – Brothers (Deluxe Version)

Buy Howlin’ For YouAmazon

9.  Beach House- Lover of Mine

Buy Lover of Mine – Teen Dream

Buy Lover Of MineAmazon

10.  Kendal Johansson- Blue Moon

Buy Blue Moon – Blue Moon – Single

Buy Blue MoonAmazon

11.  Sade- Soldier Of Love

Buy Soldier of Love – Soldier of Love

Buy Soldier of LoveAmazon

12.  Glasser- Mirrorage

Buy Mirrorage – Ring (Bonus Track Edition)

Buy MirrorageAmazon

13.  Robyn- Cry When You Get Older

Buy Cry When You Get Older – Body Talk, Pt. 1

Buy Cry When You Get OlderAmazon

14.  Janelle Monae- Cold War

Buy Cold War – The ArchAndroid

Buy Cold WarAmazon

15.  The Radio Dept.- Heaven’s On Fire

Buy Heaven’s On Fire – Clinging to a Scheme

Buy Heaven’s On Fire Amazon

16.  Kanye West- Hell Of A Life

Buy Hell of a Life – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Buy Hell Of A Life [Explicit]Amazon

17.  Big Boi (Feat. T.I. & Khujo Goodie)- Tangerine

Buy Tangerine – Sir Lucious Left Foot… The Son of Chico Dusty (Deluxe Edition)

Buy Tangerine [Explicit]Amazon

18.  Deerhunter- Fountain Stairs

Buy Fountain Stairs – Halcyon Digest

Buy Fountain StairsAmazon

19.  Gonjasufi- Sheep

Buy Sheep – A Sufi and a Killer (Bonus Track Version)

Buy SheepAmazon

20.  James Blake- I’ll Stay

Buy I’ll Stay – CMYK – EP

BuyI’ll StayAmazon

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