Mixes By Years: Best of 1999 Volume 9 (9/14/19)

  1. Rage Against The Machine- Testify
  2. Sleater-Kinney- Get Up
  3. Built To Spill- Carry The Zero
  4. Mos Def- Mathematics
  5. Jay-Z (Feat. Riuff Ryderz)- Jigga My Ni**a
  6. The Roots (Feat. Mod Def)- Double Trouble
  7. The Chemical Brothers- Out Of Control
  8. Basement Jazz- Jump N Shout
  9. Destiny’s Child- Hey Ladies
  10. TLC- Silly Ho
  11. Fiona Apple- On There Bound
  12. Smog- Cold Blooded Old Times
  13. Tom Waits- Pictures In A Frame
  14. Olivia Tremor Control- A Place We Have Been To
  15. The Dismemberment Plan- The Jitters
  16. MK Ultra- Sunday
  17. Magnetic Fields- Long Forgotten Fairytale
  18. John Prine & Iris Dement- In Spite Of Ourselves

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